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Have You Been Suffering From Tinnitus?
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Tinnitus (Ringing In The Ears) Affects 1 In 10 People

Living with constant internal noise can be very debilitating,
but it doesn’t have to be.

Tinnitus Counselling

Our aim is to educate with an in-depth explanation on how your hearing system works.

to help you understand why you have tinnitus,

overcome your fears about living with the noise,

and make tinnitus seem less threatening.

Tinnitus Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy works to make tinnitus less noticeable
by reducing the contrast between your internal noise and actual
sounds in your environment.

It also helps your hearing system become less sensitive
to the tinnitus because it strengthens your ability
to tune it out more readily.

“If you suffer from tinnitus, I strongly recommend having your ears checked at The Ear Depot. They will help you through this, I promise!”

– Pete Gauthier

Does Tinnitus Management Work For Everyone?

Over 50%

of severe tinnitus sufferers experience real relief instantly.

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